Saturday, November 7, 2015

Today's Facebook Looney

Whenever this crap shows up, I always try to post a comment that includes the question - what do you intend to do about the kids of the people you catch in your little dragnet? 

I have yet to hear from any of them.

But here's a message (to the pinch-faced prigs who think drug-testing is anything more than a way to make somebody's well-connected brother-in-law rich), from the guys who thought the 4th amendment to the US Constitution was of some importance to a free society: 
Go fuck yourselves.

Update BTW - how come we never hear from the Ammosexuals on this one? Something like - "I'm gonna avail myself of my 2nd amendment rights in order to secure my 4th amendment rights."

Can you say "Cherry-Picking"? I knew you could.

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