Saturday, November 7, 2015


Here's a weird little blast from the past - and there's a bit in here that's been eatin' at me for a while.

First - at about 6:00, when Huck makes the claims about how he wants his faith to be questioned?  That sounds a whole lot like good old Sales Training shit - I think he 'welcomes the feedback' so he can be looking for ways to anticipate the objections and get a few plausible-sounding bromides handy for rebuttal.

But that ain't the big one - here's the big one - starting around the 8-minute mark:
Guys like Huckabee are always slicing it nice and thin when it comes to the question of an all-loving god, especially when you try to make the point about sin and evil and why are there so many shitty people doing so many shitty things?  If god is god, then why do we have to fix all this shit?  The apologists always flop straight over into the Free Will of the Godly Volunteer thing - god loves us so he set it up so we can choose our fate by choosing to love god back or to reject god's love - and after all, if he forces his love on us, then he'd be raping us blah blah blah.  

Wait just one fuckin' minute, bub.

Problem - rape isn't only a situation where the rapist physically assaults the victim.  There's that little thing called coercion too.  And that becomes a huge problem if you then ask, "Isn't god really trying to force himself on us by threatening to send us to hell for an eternity of suffering if we spurn his advances?"

Set aside for a minute the bullshit deflection that "we decide to send ourselves to hell if we decide not to love god", and let's concentrate on the real point.  The real point here is that now we've got a Beyond-Even-Bill-Cosby level problem with a Rapist God - and btw, if Mary really didn't have much choice about whether or not she'd go along with the idea of getting knocked up by a coercive god, then doesn't that make Jesus the product of rape?  And then, all of a sudden, we've got the Son Of God born of sin - and holy fuck, man - this is  some kinda big fuckin' trouble right here.

Enter the TheoCons.  How many Repubs have found themselves in hot water because some dumbass thing or another fell outa their tater traps when they were trying to make a point about rape?

They needed to save Jesus so they needed a new definition for rape, and they decided to hide these cynical maneuverings and manipulations by fucking with the rights of women to make their own decisions for themselves(?)  

And they've been pullin' this kinda shit on our time, on our dime.

Seriously, guys - what the fucking fuck? 

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  1. Yay! A loop-Dee-loop tour de force with a garnish of JuJitsu. Well-thrown there, Sensei.


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