Sunday, November 8, 2015

Only In Politics

...and only in USAmerica Inc.

We decided that all anybody needs in order to do anything well is a little common sense.  

So now we have people with no education or experience in Education who're making decisions on what should go on in our schools.

We have people with no education or experience in Law or Law Enforcement or Corrections who're making decisions on what should go on in our "Justice" System.

And and and.

Why does anybody have to wonder why we get some of the candidates we're getting from a certain end of the political spectrum?

And so - 

I'll stick with my assertion that we're looking at a high probable for Jeb/Kasich 2016.

Florida and Ohio.  Not sure it's enough for them this time, but that's gotta be on lotsa minds in what's left of the GOP's Executive Suite right now; along with trying to figure out how to blow off Trump and Carson without losing the fervor of their voters. 

Unfortunately, the problem of disappointed primary voters failing to show up for the general election may be less of a problem now that it seems Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression, and maybe some straight-up illegal schemes for manipulating the results are starting to show signs of success.

eg: It bodes well for the GOP to get a 9-point landslide win in Kentucky for a Repub Governor candidate who was polling 3-5 points down almost literally hours before the polls opened, combined with the fact that lots of Dems on the down-ballot got elected.  

BTW, we prob'ly won't actually do anything about that because that would require us to make a fucking decision and stand up for something, which is scary and it might cost us half of our Facebook friends and so we won't be doing any of that.

Anyway, just to complete the circuit - always mindful that Right Radicals play the long game because politically nefarious things need to progress slowly so as not to cause needless alarm - let's remember that it's likely that Jeb's guys fucked with things in Florida in 2000 to put W in office, and I can't dismiss the thought of some kinda double-digit plausibility that it was Kasich's guys who fucked with things in Ohio* in 2004 to keep W in office.  I'm sure they both feel they've been waiting rather patiently for the big payoff, and now's the time to step up to the window and collect their winnings.

I guess we'll see what we'll see when we see it.

*update: Ohio passed a thingie aimed at "fixing" the Gerrymandering problem, so that's gotta be seen as good news, assuming something gets done before Nov 2016 - uuhmm yeah, prob'ly not.  But hey, we can hope.

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