Monday, July 18, 2016

Imagine That

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a staunch advocate for gun rights, vowed that he would get rid of “gun-free zones” at an annual meeting for the National Rifle Association held this spring in Louisville, Kentucky. The convention center he spoke at for the annual meeting for the NRA as well as all of Trump’s hotels are gun-free zones.
In case you missed it - the RNC convention is a gun-free zone.

In case you missed it 2: Steve Loomis (President of Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association) loudly claimed Tamir Rice was threatening the Cleveland cops, and more recently has said Obama has blood on his hands for both Dallas and Baton Rouge, and most recently made a desperate plea to Ohio Gov John Kasich, asking the governor to issue an Executive Order suspending the Open Carry laws in Ohio for the duration of the GOP convention.

This jagoff is an active duty Police Detective - who seems to know practically nothing about how the law actually works.  Which may explain why he's a Trump supporter(?)

The fact that these guys apparently think "a great leader" gets to make law and then suspend the law on whatever whimsy strikes him as expedient - is exactly the kind of authoritarian crap the founders told us to watch out for; exactly why Donald (Law-n-Order) Trump needs to be stomped in November, along with all the other Proto-Nazi assholes we come across. 


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