Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Meet The New Boss

Congratulations, President Pence.

I expect Trump to operate in the Executive Branch the same way he "operates" "his" businesses. ie: His involvement begins by putting his name on the letterhead, and ends with him trying to sell whatever it is Mike Pence comes up with.  

We elected a brand; nothing more than a guy's name; we decided the most powerful and important office on the fucking planet is to be filled by somebody who hasn't run anything but his mouth for a good 20 years.

Nobody can tell us they know exactly what horrors this bunch has in store for us, but I think I can be pretty sure most of it will seem like a good idea to about half of us and turn out to be unworkable for everybody except the few who have a vested interest in nothing but pretending their policy ideas are amazingly awesome long enough to cash in on them.

Do ya dig what's been happening in Kansas and Michigan and Wisconsin?

Do ya think all that shit with The Bundy Boys was just a kind of spontaneous protest, and not a practical demonstration of The Useful Fool?

I'll stop before I get myself too worked up - no point in reiterating the arguments against Trump's election or the brand of "conservative" that's anything but conservative; and there's nothing to be gained by going full Paranoid Nutball - yet.

Suffice to say we handed the power to a gang of thieves. They have the Executive and the Legislative branches, and they can now proceed to stack SCOTUS so they can move all the shitty laws onto the books that will Make America Look Nothing Like America.  They'll have to do something kinda drastic about the filibuster, but this bunch hasn't been shy about "fuck your minority rights", so - yeah.

Tax cuts, deficits, piling on the debt, which means more spending - this is Trump, kids - there will be lots and lots of spending.  And we gotta pay for it somehow.  Anybody in the market for a gently-used National Park?


Ooh - I know - let's strip out the Social Security Trust Fund, turn it over to the Wall Street Banksters and let them make a great big pile of bonuses for themselves, while feeling deeply sorry that the benefits will have to be cut back (again - shared sacrifice, y'know) in order to compensate for fluctuations in the markets that simply couldn't have been foreseen, even though we've been colluding with our Trading Buddies around the world to arbitrage the pricing and create a nice little Churning Effect so we can syphon off enough cash to feel insulated from the homicidal mob you'll be forming once you idiots realize we've been playing you for suckers again.

And that's just the weird shit that goes on here at home - can't wait to see how creatively this bugbrain can choke when he has to go up against somebody who actually knows their way around.

Trump is not the only moron we have to worry about - it's all those other subordinate morons too.

We have no idea just how enormous this clusterfuck is about to get.

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  1. Word - We are headed for uncharted waters and it is not going to work out very well for anyone.


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