Saturday, November 12, 2016

Presto Change-O

How could the pollsters have gotten it so wrong?

You call a jillion registered voters, and they tell you they're ready to go, and they shake out like: Hillary's up by 5 points or Hillary's up by 8 points or 2 points or whatever.

But then, on the big day, it goes in the shitter and nobody can figure it out - it must be because those Black Voters Under-Performed (and don'tcha just love that kinda language?  "We lost - let's blame the Black People!")

"No, man, it was those stoopid fuckin' Protest Voters!"

"It was because Hillary's a lousy candidate and she failed to connect with blah blah blah - it never woulda happened with Bernie...I told ya so, man".

Fuck that noise.  Fuck all that noise.
How many voters showed up in Florida only to get turned away because of Voter ID or some such?

How many were a little skittish about it in the first place and finally decided just to stay home because they were afraid of being hassled?

Then Virginia (not enough to swing it, but holy fuck did they come close)
Then North Carolina (kind of a toss-up anyway, but she was trending)
Then Pennsylvania - fuck
Then Michigan - fuck
Then Wisconsin - fuck!

I wonder what the arithmetic looks like if you convert the final Polling Numbers for those states into an actual number of votes (X), minus Trump's margin of victory (Y), and compared that difference to the numbers of Registered Voters who turned out, but were denied their right to exercise the franchise.

And what the fuck is up with this apparent rash of No Vote at the top of the ticket?

Where did Kellyanne Conway send Trump in the last coupla weeks of his Scampaign®? 

What the hell was he doing in places that "Hillary had all sewed up"?

The pollsters weren't all that wrong.

There was no massive Bradley Effect.

Plenty of Black and Latin Voters turned out, and Women did their thing for her.

Hillary didn't blow it, and "Those Shitty Little Millennials" didn't blow it for her.

A combination of 
Voter ID Laws 
+ Fewer Polling Stations 
+ Purging Registration Rolls 
+ SCOTUS ruling against The Voting Rights Act
+ Rumors of Fraud and Rigged Elections
+ Threats of intimidation
+ Fliers and Text messages directing people to wrong or non-existent precincts
+ That world-famous Voter Apathy here in USAmerica Inc.
+ etc etc etc
= President-Elect Trump

This looks to me like a perfectly legal rat-fucking of the highest possible order, having been well-targeted and executed down to the last tiny detail - which includes knowing how to play the Electoral College Game.

And it keeps working for as long as voters have to be spoon-fed by the candidates; for as long as we can't be bothered to figure shit out for ourselves; for as long as we insist that we have to be inspired and uplifted by some Great Leader Of The New And Awesomely Stupendous and Tremendous Movement - for as long as we're not willing to hold this system to the standards laid out by the guys who wrote up the original instruction manual for us.  There's some pretty good shit at the end of the first paragraph.

It may sound like I'm being nostalgic; yearning for some golden age that never really existed. I'm not. There may never have been an election that was perfectly Free-n-Fair, and there may never be one. But can't we try to make the next one a bit "more perfect" than the last one? And the one after that?

PS) Hillary got the most votes. A lousy candidate with a bad message and a clunky disconnected style doesn't get the most votes. Don't fucking forget that.

PPS) This is fucked up and complicated - and since it didn't suddenly get all fucked up and complicated yesterday, we're not gonna un-fucking-complicate it by tomorrow.

We got Rat-Fucked, and now we get to wonder if the rubes will ever become aware that the Big Bamboozle is back in full swing.


  1. Yay! You nailed one third of the trifecta. Dismissing the other two-thirds, especially the "rat-fuck" the Dems did to themselves, dismisses da misses.

    1. Still think that's the Single-Thread Theory of Hillary-As-Bad-Candidate. It's simple and elegant and bullshit.


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