Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Trump Biographer

From a piece at RawStory, quoting Mike D'Antonio:
He finished with a disturbing image of Trump as a mindless animal in a behavioral experiment.
“He no longer had to manipulate journalists and wait for them to act. He could tap out a few words and get what he wanted immediately. It reminded me of psychologist B.F. Skinner’s experiments with chickens that learned to push a button with their beaks for the reward of a food pellet. Once they had trained themselves, the birds couldn’t stop pecking even when the pellets no longer came and they injured themselves,” he said.
“Like Skinner’s animal subjects,” he concluded. “Trump has learned to get what he wants. No matter who criticizes him, no matter the consequences, he will keep doing it. Those who ask if he will stop scouring the press for evidence of enemies and using his power in indiscriminate ways should stop thinking of him as a conventional politician and start looking at him as a chicken.”
There's no such thing as Proportionality for a Donald Trump, and he's surrounding himself with "birds of a feather", which is more than a bit fucked up when it comes down to a little thing we like to call The Nuclear Arsenal.  

And yes, I know, everybody talked about that for a fleeting moment during the Scampaign®, but then it kinda fell off the ol' radar scope - like every-fucking-thing else that shoulda sunk this Powdered Cheese Dusted Asswipe but didn't because keeping him on my Librul TV Box may have been bad for the country, but holy crap, was it ever great for ratings.

Early proposal for Trump's POTUS portrait

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