He Gets It Wrong


In a meeting with educators, Trump asked the principal of a center that serves students with disabilities about the prevalence of autism. The principal, Jane Quenneville, spoke about the increasing number of students with autism at the Kilmer Center, a Fairfax County public school. But Trump then claimed that there was a “tremendous amount of increase” in autism in general — “really a horrible thing to watch.”
This exchange is especially noteworthy, because Trump wants to create a vaccine safety commission that could roll back vaccine laws based on the widely discredited theory that vaccines cause autism. Since as early as 2012, Trump has falsely claimed there is a vaccine-autism link. On the presidential campaign trail, Trump again cited the junk science to explain the reason he believes so many children are diagnosed with autism.
So, is autism on the rise?
The rate in the 2016 report was the same as it was in 2014 — and the definition for autism was broadened in 2013.
The parameters for autism were changed in 2013, so that more kids who need help would get help. Way more important is that the Rate of Incidence didn't change for the three years after they re-jigered those parameters.

But 45* just goes right along pimping the Jenny McCarthy-style anti-vaxxer bullshit.

Here it is, putz: "Post hoc ergo propter hoc" is a Logical Fallacy.

In terms even 45* can understand: A legless dog won't come when you call him, but that don't mean he's deaf. 

So yeah - 45* is that guy.