Meet President Pence

First, I really don't know what I'm talking about here. Because nobody knows what's really going on with the exception of some dedicated spooks and insiders who've been in Washington for a good long time, and who won't be telling us everything that's going on for just as long a time.

Even when (or if) somebody blows it open, we'll see the top layers - maybe several layers - but while we'll be told this is the most amazing revelation of the inner workings of the political machinery, we won't ever know the whole thing. Because if we did, we'd burn the joint down with everybody inside.  But - 'twas ever thus and ever thus 'twill be.

So anyway, Mike Pence.

Pence seems to be under the impression that he's supposed to be 45*'s righthand man; that he'll fill the Veep spot the way the last 3 Veeps have done - as a close advisor for POTUS, and a kind of partner who's in on the top level meetings, helping shape policy and politicking the agenda behind the scenes - more or less The President's Apprentice if you will (Sorry. I knew that one was coming as I was typing it, but I couldn't stop myself)

But it would seem Pence has been kept in the dark. They loaded him up with bullshit and sent him out to be the picket line of the castle's defense, and he ends up looking really stoopid. If he didn't know, then he's a dope, and if he did know, then he's a co-conspirator. Lose and lose some more.

And also but - it's started to look like the White House didn't fuck him over on purpose and they didn't just keep him out of the loop. It now seems this gang is so dysfunctional, Pence didn't know because communications and the decision-making process are completely FUBAR.

“The vice president is a very forgiving man,” said one White House official.
(translation: Chump; easily played; ambition overrides integrity; useful fool)

Nonetheless, the two-week lag between when Trump, Bannon and Priebus learned of Flynn’s misdirection and when Pence himself found out through news reports has raised speculation as to Pence’s true clout — or lack thereof — within the White House.
If they're gonna go after 45*, they know it has to be a long slow process of getting an infrastructure (or a shadow version of the administration) in place that can keep things running as Pence gets his feet under him. Somebody has to guide a stealth transition while making sure 45* stays out of trouble as much as possible. 

Yeah - good luck with that whole coup d'etat thing, fellas. We're being told that there could be a monster constitutional crisis in the making, but it kinda looks like we're already in one.

Things have to happen quickly but can't be rushed.  I'm pretty sure it gets worse for a while.