Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Here It Comes

Grease up and bend over, America - the GOP's back in town.

The Hill:
The two committees will be working on the bills even though the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has not completed its analysis; as a result, estimates of the plan’s cost and how many people could lose coverage will not be immediately available.
Sources said previous versions of the plan faced unfavorable coverage numbers from the CBO.
The tax credit under the GOP plan ranges from $2,000 to $4,000 a year per individual, increasing with someone’s age. That system would provide less financial assistance for low-income and older people than ­ObamaCare, but could give more assistance to younger people and those with somewhat higher incomes.
Democrats warn that between the phasing out of ­ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion and the smaller tax credit for poorer people, the 20 million people who gained coverage in recent years will be put at risk.
So let's see - the GOP has long contended that 47% of us don't pay federal taxes, so obviously, the best way to help us with this healthcare insurance thing is to give everybody a federal tax break.

Why do I always get the feeling that there's no vision or imagination in the GOP that isn't aimed at fucking us over in another attempt to advance a bogus economic theory, even when every one of those attempts turns out to be further proof that it doesn't fucking work?

And let's not lose sight of the high probability that guys like Ryan would engineer the "collapse" of Obamacare as a political maneuver just so they could use it to bully their way thru with this new bullshit plan (which is nothing new at all).
  1. Fuck it up
  2. Point at it and say, "Oh look - it's fucked up"
  3. Sell your ideology-driven bullshit as the only solution that can possibly help
  4. Collect campaign contributions from the cronies who get richer from that solution
  5. Enjoy our re-election
  6. Find something else you can "fix" and start again at step 1

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