Monday, May 29, 2017

It Seems To Be Dissolving


(Paul Waldman - talking about the rolling cluster fuck that's been taken from the Trump "campaign" and installed as the Trump "administration" - taking some major shots, that somehow got past the editors at WaPo, because this piece would never have appeared in that paper just a few short months ago.)

Taken together, these reports paint a picture of a White House that is convinced that what it has is in large part a media problem. So creating a “war room” to craft and push out better spin seems to be the first item on the agenda. After that, they’re considering some kind of staff shakeup that would involve replacing some personnel with different people who would presumably do a better job.

But that’s a fundamental misunderstanding of what is ailing this administration. It certainly has a media problem, but it isn’t because the administration hasn’t had the opportunity to get its side of the story out. Its side of the story is out — it’s just that it keeps being contradicted by the facts. If the White House is upset that journalists greet its latest spin with skepticism, that’s only because its lies have been so copious that no reporter can take what administration officials say at face value, and in every new controversy, there’s a strong chance they’re pushing out new lies, which will then inevitably be exposed.


And now we learn that this ignorant neophyte — who seems, like many rich white guys, to have a confidence utterly unwarranted by his actual abilities — thought he was a character in a Tom Clancy novel, when he’s actually a character right out of “Veep.” His suggestion to the Russians that they set up a secret communications channel in a Russian facility was so ludicrous that even the Russians were shocked.
I loved the part about Steve Bannon trying to spin this as the "vast right wing conspiracy" in reverse.

That's like saying it's inappropriate for the cops to conspire against a gang of car thieves.

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