It Bites 'Em In The Ass

And this morning, when a "patriot" started shooting at people he apparently thought personified that Gubmint Tyranny, Rand Paul ran away - like a gutless wonder; like a panicky child; like the fucking REMF he is and has always been.

There was no "running toward the trouble" the way Mr Rogers taught us to identify the heroes. Rand Paul ran away, and jumped a fence, and flagged down a car, and left this wounded colleagues in harm's way.

BTW 1: Good guys with guns where in attendance today - and even though they gunned down the bad guy, they were both wounded, along with three others.

So the good guys stopped the bad guy - after he did this shitty bad-guy thing.

BTW 2: "Conservative" boneheads are always quick to jump in and say that while they may (or may not) agree we should be trying to find a way to cut down on the gun violence problem, they just can't get up with Gun Regulation because "it doesn't work".

Fine - maybe you super-geniuses could at least start by acknowledging it really is a fucking problem, and then suggest something you think will work.