Monday, June 26, 2017

It Can't Be

And yet it is.

But now, at what we hope is the end of a long slouch into The Daddy State - where we can catch ourselves and start to put things right just before we get to the big Car Chase / Running Gunfight / Thrilling Rescue Sequence with Exploding Galaxies - this is where we get Charlie Pierce having to write this:

So this Mangushev character starts a motorcycle gang among his fellow Russian expats that he names after the Russian equivalent of the special forces. This gang, named after the Russian special forces, seeks the imprimatur of an actual Russian biker gang that, unlike their American brethren, doesn't settle for tearing up small towns along the California coast. This bunch helps overthrow governments. This is not a guy I'd do business with but, then again, I'm not Igor Zorin, with his millions buried in coffee cans in his backyard.

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