Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Virginia Effect

I'm putting up "The Virginia Effect" as a term of art in politics because today's Dem primary could be a harbinger (ya heard it here first)


Almost every profile of the Perriello-Northam race has cast Perriello as the progressive, populist outsider insurgent and Northam as the moderate, centrist creature of the establishment.

But in several critical respects,
this binary breaks down on closer inspection. Perriello has run as a “Bernie Democrat” determined to get big money out of politics; in reality, his campaign is being backed by Wall Street’s biggest liberal donors.

Perriello has been said to be running against “the establishment,” and, when it comes to Virginia’s Democratic establishment, that’s true. But Perriello received the blessing of national Democrats who certainly have clout, including John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chair.

The two candidates’ voting records also don’t make much of a proxy battle between the party’s left and center-left factions. Both men support a $15-an-hour minimum wage; both have made opposing Trump and defending undocumented immigrants central themes of their campaigns; both have robust plans to expand the state’s community colleges and state infrastructure. “Policy-wise, there really isn’t that much difference,” Kidd said. (The major difference between the two candidates is over the construction of a proposed pipeline through the state; Perriello opposes it, and Northam has drawn ire from environmental groups by refusing to condemn it.)

2 things basically:

First, it'll be a "divided party thing" almost any way it turns out because that's what most of the Press Poodles have been selling.

But second, I'm really just hoping it doesn't degenerate into a re-enactment of 45* vs Hillary, with all the stoopid politically ignorant sniping and tantrum-throwing between the Bernie Bros and the HilBots. Especially if the Dem loses and there's this whole piss-n-moan thing after the fact.

The only thing that bickering does is to sour more people on the whole process.  And guess what - the more people you push out, the easier you make it for the Daddy State.

Grow the fuck up, kids. There's no purity to be had here - this has to be about yanking the "center" away from the far right, and putting it back in the goddamned middle where it belongs.

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