Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Daddy State Illustrated

WeDon'tFuckin'Care 4.0 crapped out last night, partly because John McCain was conveniently unavailable for the scheduled vote, which made it easier for other Repubs to get their balls temporarily outa hock and acknowledge that the folks back home are close to being in open revolt.

But we ain't done, kids.

Why does McConnell now say he intends to go through with a stripped down version that does nothing but kill healthcare coverage, replacing it with (maybe) something else down the road? 

Daddy State rule 3:
Every warning about impending disaster, is a statement of intent.

They warned us that Obamacare is failing (or has failed), which is ridiculous knowing the Repubs have been working very hard to pour sugar in the gas tank for 7 years.

Imagine how well the thing would be working if the GOP would just listen to their constituents and help out a little.

Anyway, 45* all but said it straight out - when people really feel the pain, they'll come running to Daddy, begging him to do whatever it takes to make it stop hurting.

That's how the Daddy State works.
  1. Create the disaster (or do nothing to prevent it)
  2. Exploit the disaster

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