Sunday, July 23, 2017

Deep Thoughts

On the phenomenon of hardcore 45* supporters:

You believe the lies. Or in the context of the current political culture - for whatever reason, it doesn't matter to you that 45* lies a lot.

(80% of people self-identifying as Republicans support him in spite of knowing he lies to them almost every day)

So, I'll go ahead and call you a dumbfuck lyin' sack of shit.

Now, if you care about the truth, and you know you're not a dumbfuck lyin' sack of shit, then you have a case to make that I'm behaving very badly - and I'll back you up on that one all the way.

If you know it's not true but you've established that lies don't matter to you, then anybody can say anything about you - good or ill - and you got nuthin', bubba. 

Zero Zip Zilch Nada.

There's nothing for you to feel proud about if they say nice things about you.

And there's nothing you can bitch about when they spread the shittiest most damaging lies about you. And eventually it will come around to that. It always has, and I can see no reasonable expectation for that to change.

The only thing worse than your failure to stand up to some jagoff like 45*, is realizing there's nobody willing to stand up for you.

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