Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Big Turnaround

Here's the visual from the Rachel Maddow thing I posted yesterday - worth repeating a few times.

Watch for it starting at about 6:50 - Rachel lays out the probability that the GOP will use the very heavy layers of guilt as a shield. DumFux news has already started putting up the "Don Jr is the real victim here" defense.

Cult45* is employing a variation on a basic tactic of the Daddy State: Accusation = Confession.

It can work the other way as well. You can use your confession as a weapon against your opponent - turning it into an accusation.

The shitty part is that the rubes will buy it.

The really shitty part is that the Press Poodles will give the rubes reason to think it's legit by covering it in that Both-Sides bullshit way.

The really really shitty part is that this is fucking dangerous.

And the really really really shitty part is that this is prob'ly not as dangerous as it gets.

Fake Lord have mercy.

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