Friday, July 14, 2017

Worth Repeating

From way back in March - Alcee Hastings gettin' after 'em.

The take-away quote comes up at about 6:50.

"I don't have to be nice to nobody when you're bein' nasty to poor people"

Debate-Watcher's Tip: When Red Team Guy starts bitchin' about the Blue Team Guy's "tone", it means Red Team Guy knows he's losing so he has to tamp down on the visceral enthusiasm that the audience will pick up from Blue Team Guy's passion or outrage or whatever.

It's also about stalling - you need a little time to regroup so you can get back on offense.

The GOP has since come out with We-Don't-Fuckin'-Care 4.0, and let's be clear - there's not much that's changed because this is not about healthcare or coverage or looking out for people. They want their fucking Tax Cuts.

If you further weaken Da Gubmint by decreasing its revenues, people will feel the pain (of shitty roads and shitty water quality and poisoned food, and poverty creep, etc) and eventually, they'll agree to practically any level of Fuckery just on the remote prospect of relieving some of that pain.

And it makes no difference who gets fucked over, as long as enough people get fucked over enough - they have to make us tap out so we'll give the Plutocrats everything they want, including ownership - or at least control.

The National Privatization Festival has picked up some speed, and they need financing for their coming acquisition spree - have you priced a National Park lately?

These assholes are selling themselves as Reformers, but their motivation is no different from that of any other radicals who always ride in promising Bread-n-Freedom, and delivering neither.

But there's an extraordinarily shitty little twist.

"Government should be run more like a business" is cover; it's a dodge; it's nothing but chaff.

With the interjection of the Russians, we've put people in power who honestly believe Mobsters are justified in the way they operate because after all, the Mob is private enterprise patterned after the government.  

So why not take that next step?

"Government is like the Mafia - so let's be honest and run it that way".

And hey, relax - it ain't personal. It's just business.

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