Sunday, December 6, 2015

'Tis The Season

The word 'reconciliation' pops into my fevered little noggin a lot this time of year, but right now it has to go beyond the usual "spiritual-ey" stuff about making a special effort to recognize the things I've done or said or tho't that I shouldn't, and the things I should've done or said or tho't that I didn't.

What it gets down to now is:  How do we reconcile a call for this country to be more Christian while demanding government policies that are anything but Christian?

Take in refugees who're trying to get free of the horrors of war and the bondage of poverty?  Fuck 'em - they might be terrorists.

People who don't like us because we're Christians have killed a bunch of us.  So "turn the other cheek"?  Fuck that - we will seek vengeance as if we've never even heard of this Jesus guy, much less his lessons of loving our enemies and forgiving those who trespass against us.

Drug testing for Welfare and SNAP recipients - even though it has a much greater and more damaging impact on the totally blameless kids of those very few parents who get caught? Pretty sure your Jesus had more regard for people than that.

Guys like John Fugelsang have been trying to point these things out for quite a while, Christians - when can we expect you to start answering the criticism?

And this next one doesn't have anything to do with Jesus really - even though (I just found out) there's lotsa "Christians" who think Jesus commanded the apostles to arm themselves, citing Luke 22:36.  I'd never heard such silliness, and of course it turns out the American Ammosexuals (like all the other hyper jagoff-ey god-knobbers in the whole fucking world), who always need some "higher" authority to rationalize their douchery are missing the whole fucking point, as Benjamin Corey explains.

And btw, how do you not reconcile that one?  How do you not see that your appeal to an ultimate authority is exactly the same as everybody else's appeal to their version of an ultimate authority?  

Anyway, if we all carry loaded guns at all times, the whole country gets really safe - but we'll have to insist that there be no loaded guns at the Gun Shows because we need to ensure the safety of our vendors and attendees.  
And we'll lock up all the weapons on all the military bases in the interest of safety for our service members.  
And you don't get to carry a loaded gun in a police station because safety is uppermost in our minds.
And no guns on airplanes for the safety of the flying public.  
And no guns at the football game for the safety of the fans. 
And no guns in the courtroom for the safety of the people there.  
And no guns at school for the safety of the kids and their teachers.
And no guns and no guns and no guns.

It's all outa sync.  Get this shit reconciled, and let's go to work.

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