Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Today's Tweet

The country's number one "not-a-politician politician" in 2008:

Same ol' same ol'.  It's too easy to hit him with "was he lying then or is he lying now?".  Maybe he just changed his mind - of course, you could make the point that he couldn't very well change something he doesn't have, but that's a little too easy as well.

Anyway, he describes Hillary in glowing terms, revealing that he understands it's "just politics", and for me, he makes known two things. First is that he's a politician and he knows he's a politician. Second, he's a politician who makes loud and frequent declarations that he's not a politician - which makes him a phony - which further confirms he's a politician.


  1. My take on it is that he lies constantly and always has. He lies about things I like. He lies about things I hate and find offensive. The common thread is that he bullies and lies about anything big or small that serves his current interest. So the lies change and there should be no surprise that he is full of shit and always has been. Most of us lean to identify and avoid assholes like this by second or third grade. Makes you wonder how 40% of the voting population forgot this lesson.


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