Sunday, November 6, 2016

Today's Tweet

(Oops.  I had a great Tweet for this, but I fucked up embedding it - sorry about that. I'll try to find it again and fix it for ya.)

Anyway - this is supposed to be a clever dig against the Purity Police, but like I said, I blew it.
You're not pushing people away from Hillary so much as you're pushing people away from taking part in the process. You're reinforcing the thinking that maybe they can't take the chance of "voting for the wrong one" so they won't vote at all.

Low turnout favors the bad guys - it always favors the bad guys - it's why the bad guys are always trying to keep people from voting - because when everybody votes, the bad guys lose.

You're doing the GOP's work for them, and you should stop doing that.

You don't have to say anything good about Clinton, and you can go back to slagging her all you want after Tuesday.  And I promise, if you just manage to shut up for a few more days, your farts will still smell as sweet to you as they apparently do now.

hat tip = Facebook buddy BD

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