He Doesn't Know Anything

This gang is a rolling clusterfuck in a burning dumpster.

Wilfred Chan at Fusion
Donald Trump is angry he was not briefed on the executive order he signed granting unprecedented powers to adviser-puppet-master Steve Bannon, the alleged domestic abuser and Satan-praisingIslamophobicformer editor of “alt-right” outlet Breitbart, according to a new report.
From The New York Times:(For) the moment, Mr. Bannon remains the president’s dominant adviser, despite Mr. Trump’s anger that he was not fully briefed on details of the executive order he signed giving his chief strategist a seat on the National Security Council, a greater source of frustration to the president than the fallout from the travel ban.
Credited as the mastermind behind some of Trump’s most extreme policies, including the Muslim ban, Bannon has told allies he has a limited window to ram through as much of his agenda as possible, the Timesadded.
This could explain the flurry of slapdash executive orders in the last few weeks. It also means it’s possible Trump didn’t even read what he was signing when he made Bannon a permanent member of the national security council on January 28 while downgrading the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the director of national intelligence to optional attendees.