Most Famous Chicken

Congressman Mo Brooks returned to Alabama, where he planned to have a town hall meeting in Huntsville. But a funny thing happened to Brooks. Like all Republican (and most Democratic) members of Congress lately, he suddenly found his “open to the public” meeting was “sold out”—so he promptly canceled it altogether. Brooks and his tea party pals gave a variety of nonsensical excuses, including, they “didn’t want to meet until all the president’s nominees were confirmed.”
So imagine the surprise of Huntsville-area constituents when they showed up at the “canceled” meeting last night and there was Congressman Mo Brooks, meeting with his conservative supporters. Check out this account from Left in Alabama and be sure to watch the video below to you can see Mo Brooks, his staff, and his conservative supporters scatter like cockroaches when the lights get turned on. Note that Brooks hid in the church somewhere until they were sure no other constituents (which he calls protesters) showed up:
But not “on time.” Those suspicious individuals who attended “just in case” were told that Brooks’ appearance had been canceled. Fortunately, they stayed long enough to send out a confirmed sighting of our district’s most famous chicken.
Earlier in the evening, the Tea Party folks made a great show of complaining about how many extra hot dogs they had, and waved off the hired police presence, since “no protests” were expected.
Once the coast was clear (he thought), Rep. Brooks strolled casually into his native habitat: a Tea Party meeting hosted in a Baptist church. Oh, but word quickly went forth. Fortuitously, Madison County Democrats were meeting just a few miles away, and they quickly headed for the Tea Party event.
Amazingly, it ended as soon as they arrived and began trying to ask questions.
Brooks was looking to create some weasel room and kinda fucked it up.

The staffer leaving the voicemail says the event was scheduled as a Tea Party meeting all along, and then canceled - and gosh, we can't imagine how y'all got the idea it was a Town Hall, but then the congressman just blah blah blah. Big billowing clouds of octopus ink.

And of course, it was never intended to be a Town Hall meeting because they know they can expect protesters and disruption. So they make it a Tea Party meeting and keep it as secret as possible so constituents in opposition to them won't be heard, and then obviously they won't be represented.

But - changing it from Town Hall to Tea Party makes it partisan, and you don't get to do that in a church unless that church is ready to surrender it's tax exemption.

BTW - Most Famous Chicken - MFC - extra credit for catching the double entendre.